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My Story

Danielle Price - Individual - 01/13/2021

I have been fascinated with capturing moments via photography since I was in elementary school and received my first film camera (probably dating myself a bit). Before that, I enjoyed just looking at photos - would flip through any photo albums I could find. I love how photography can capture a moment in time and freeze it there - the image, the emotions, the people, the memories, the smells, the textures. Looking at a photograph is like traveling back in time.

Over the years I worked on improving my photography skills and eventually obtained a digital camera - this was such a huge thing for me because for years I had to be cautious about how many photos I took because it was expensive to develop - this is part of the reason I started babysitting at age 10 to make money for my photography habit. But with digital photos I could take as many photos as I could physically manage, and let me tell you, after having spent three weeks in February 2019 reviewing over 50,000 photos, I managed to take a lot of photos over the years.

Around 2009, I found a passion for macro photography of flowers. I was delighted to get an intimate view at something that is already so naturally beautiful and seeing with exceptional detail features would not normally observe. I found a secret world in macro photography. During this time of discovery my grandfather became a great inspiration because the flower photos brought him so much happiness and joy.

After my grandfather died, my passion for macro photography died with it, and I no longer focused so heavily on macro flowers, but tried turning my skills towards other styles of nature photography. Years passed with so many wonderful and amazing outdoor adventures, all of which I of course captured through my photography.

At the end of 2017, I was struggling with intense workplace stress as an ER/Trauma RN. On New Year's Day of 2018 I made the decision to start the 52 Hike Challenge. Hiking has also been a lifelong passion of mine - really, just being out in nature in some way. I found that during my time as a nurse, getting out in the mountains - away from the masses, immersed in nature - became my form of therapy, my way of decompressing, my way of maintaining my sanity. The 52 Hike Challenge forced me to do two things that I already had a very strong passion for - hiking and taking photos (the photo thing isn't a requirement for the challenge but it became my obligation to myself as a way to record my journey and improve my photography skills).

At the beginning of 2018, I struggled to find the time, energy, and hiking partners to keep up with the once a week hiking goal and I quickly fell behind. I eventually decided I needed to make a job change and left one hospital for another, but before starting the new job I took a four-week break in July, during which I hiked 16 times for a total of 73 miles. One of the biggest changes for me during those 16 hikes was I finally did a solo hike - this unlocked another whole new world for me. I could really focus on the beauty around me and take all the time I wanted to stop and capture 1,000 photos of a particular flower if I felt like it without feeling guilty about making my hiking partner waiting for me. Throughout my hiking journey, my passion and love of macro photography became renewed, and even though my grandfather wasn't around anymore to see them in person, I knew I could properly honor him by continuing to capture the images he so enjoyed.

As I completed the 52 Hike Challenge in 2018, many truths about my life became clear to me. I recognized that I could not continue in the nursing profession if I wanted to maintain any kind of work/life balance, and honestly, if I wanted to remain free of any kind of permanent harm - during my time as an RN I had been physically and verbally battered and assaulted by patients and patient's family members more times than I can recount, and consider myself very lucky to not have sustained any long-lasting damage.

In February 2019, after countless hours of discussion and deep thought, I submitted my resignation at my nursing job and embarked a different kind of journey – this time to establish a photography business.

Most of the nature photography you will find on this site is macro photography of flowers and other nature items like leaves, nuts, berries, insects. Each photo has its own story, its own journey, its own memories. I invite you to explore these visual stories.

With my passion for the outdoors, I help my clients capture and create their own memories in nature. Nature portrait photography is something I deeply enjoy – I get to see people come out of their urban/suburban shells and find a happy place in nature.

Please contact me at danielle.price@thoughtsbrewing.comif you would like me to capture your own journey and memories - I am open to discussing any kind of photography shoot idea you may have.


~Danielle Price

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