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Young Love

Alexandra and Matthew

This young, beautiful couple was one of many whose big wedding plans were disrupted by the pandemic and had to adapt. Instead of postponing their wedding until 2021 or later, they opted to have a small, intimate wedding with close family, and I had the wonderful opportunity to capture their special day for them.

Alexandra and Matthew

Take Time for Outdoor Wedding Photos

I specialize in outdoor nature portrait photography – so about 80% of my photo sessions are conducted outside and in nature. I choose this path instead of the traditional studio route because of my deep connection and love of nature. There is truly not a prettier location for photos than outdoors in nature. For this small wedding, we did the traditional photos of the bride, groom, and families inside the church but then we eventually moved outside to take the outdoor photos and they turned out just lovely.

Alexandra and Matthew

I Love Their Excitement For Life

This photo portrays the young couple's true love and excitement for life and for each other. They were such a fun and happy couple to work with and when we started this series of photos, we left the posing behind and went the candid route. Every couple should have a happy and fun-loving photo like this!

Alexandra and Matthew

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