Fully Booked for Fall 2021 and Closed for Winter 2021/22. 

Will begin accepting bookings for Spring 2022 April 1, 2022.

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You Are So Special

The Cai Family

Welcoming Baby E to the Family

Newborn photography is something I have a lot of fun with, especially when there are siblings there to show their love and excitement for their new brother or sister. I not only got to enjoy meeting this beautiful family but got to see this big sister’s toys and capture her pure joy and excitement of showing off her baby brother.

The Cai Family

You Are So Special

The love from this family for Baby E was so strong and comes through their photos so vividly. It was clear they had already made their forever bond and that his most comfortable place with close to one of them.

The Cai Family

Big Sister Love and Protection

One of the things I love so much about these newborn sessions is seeing the big sister or the big brother become so loving, so gentle, and so protective of the newest addition to the family. This big sister had so much energy running around and playing throughout the session, but the moment she sat down with her little brother she calmed and became the protector.

The Cai Family

Newborn Photography in the COVID-19 World

As a former ER/Trauma Registered Nurse, I know the importance of the health and safety for the little ones – this is even more true now while we are in the middle of a pandemic. I operate all of my sessions with the utmost care and safety, as my biggest concern is the safety of my clients, my family, and the community at large. Some of the precautions I take - I wear a mask during the entire session; I sanitize my hands before starting the session; I sanitize my equipment/props in between sessions; I stay at home unless I am going out for a session or for groceries. To add a further layer of protection I require my clients to self-monitor their health prior to their session and we will reschedule due to illness without penalty.

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