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Why Printing Your Photos Is Important

In the digital age the importance of printing your family portraits has become a lost art. Discover why printing the photos from your professional photography session is so important.

Carolyn and Tim

So Many Images Are Created, But Never Enjoyed

Photos document your life and family milestones and preserve these precious moments for years to come. Due to smartphones and affordable digital cameras, people take more photos now than ever before – yet, they are missing out on one crucial aspect of photography – they are no longer printing and displaying their images. Most people keep their digital photos stored on their phone, or their computer, or even in the cloud. While this is a wonderful way to keep so many photos, they quickly become forgotten about, lost in the sea of selfies and food pics, never to be viewed or enjoyed again. And in some cases, even lost if the data isn’t backed up or the phone is stolen.

Prints Are Tangible Items to Cherish

I have been fascinated with capturing moments via photography since I was in elementary school and received my first film camera. Before that, I enjoyed just looking at photos - would flip through any family photo albums I could find. I love how photography can capture a moment in time and freeze it there - the image, the emotions, the people, the memories, the smells, the textures. Looking at a photograph is like traveling back in time.

Photographs are such an important part of our lives. Photographs are how we connect past to present – how we share our generational stories with our families and friends. Creating prints of your photos is the best way to keep your memories safe. High quality, professional grade prints with archival inks allow you to pass down your memories across generations.

Sometimes, a photograph is all we have to remember a loved one by. Just before the COVID-19 Pandemic started, a client hired me to do some photo retouching of a photo of her daughter who died several years ago – this photo was taken on an old iPhone of a photo on a computer screen that was originally taken with an old iPhone. The photo quality was horrible, but this was the last/best photo the family had of her and they wanted to get it retouched and printed. I did the best I could with the retouching, but I still wish the family had a proper portrait of their loved one.

We often take our day-to-day life for granted; we don’t tell our loved ones we love them enough; we aren’t grateful for the little things like being able to visit with our loved ones (or even hug them) when we want; we don’t think that the last picture taken of us may be our last picture taken of us.

Johnson Family - 05/08/2020

I Believe Every Family Deserves a Proper Printed Portrait

Here is where my prior profession as an ER/Trauma Registered Nurse melds with my current profession as a professional photographer – life is short, no tomorrow is guaranteed. Every person/family deserves to have a professionally captured photograph of them and their family – or of just them for their family. And not just an image to sit on a cell phone or computer or even just on social media, but to be printed, displayed, looked at, loved, enjoyed, shared. A big part of why I do the work that I do is to help my clients capture and create these moments to hold dear and to pass along to their family.

What Can You Expect From Danielle Price Photography?

When you hire Danielle Price Photography, I will work with you to create the precious memories you want to capture. All your images are backed up multiple times – both on a hard drive and in the cloud. Once the final images are professionally processed, they are delivered to you via your own private webpage on my website, where you will have access to your images for twelve (12) months.

I have several affordable print packages for you to select from – and can even help create a custom package just for your needs – anything from standard prints to fine art, framed prints, to photo albums/books.

Please do not just let your images sit on your phone – get them printed, display them proudly, send them to your family so they can share in your love.

Comment below with any print tips you have.

Email me any time with your questions.



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