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Sunset Love

Manal and Fabio

“There is nothing more musical than a sunset” - Claude Debussy

The only thing more musical I can think of is adding true love to the backdrop of the sunset. The love flowing between M & F during this session was not only musical, but magical. They just got engaged a few days before and I happened to have a last-minute spot at a lavender field become available – perfect timing to create some perfect images.

Manal and Fabio

Location, Location, Location

Finding just the right location for my client’s session is so important. Prior to the session I work with my clients to find out a little about them to help identify the location that fits the images they desire as well as their personality. It is important to me to make each session unique to each client – these are your images, your special moments, your memories, and I want them to mean something to you.

Manal and Fabio

Lavender Fields

One of my favorite types of locations includes flowers – for this session with M & F, it was a lavender field. Lavender fields provide such beauty to all the senses. The only draw back with flower fields is that they are only around for a short time – but I see this as another way to help you create a session that is unique just to you and the temporary nature of it just adds to the magic.

Manal and Fabio

Golden Hour

Many people think they need to have a bright, midday, sunny sky to have good lighting for their session – this honestly could not be further from the truth. The absolute best time to get out for photos is what is called the Golden Hour – the hour surrounding sunrise and the hour surrounding sunset. With the Golden Hour you get a nice, soft, warm light – helping you look your best while creating a magical beauty in the backdrop surrounding you. The temperatures, especially in the sweltering summer months, tend to be more pleasant during the Golden Hour.

Manal and Fabio

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