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Need An Updated Portrait?

Virginia Hartman

When was the last time you had your individual portrait taken? Whether it be for personal or professional use, now is a wonderful time to update your portrait. There are so many reasons to get updated photos of just you – you can use it for your social media profile photos; you print it and display it proudly at home as a reminder to yourself of how beautiful you are; you can print it and send it to family as a present to help them remember your gorgeous smile; you can use it as your professional headshot to highlight your professionalism; etc. etc. etc.

The Booker Family

I Need to Also Get Family Photos Done but Can’t Afford Two Sessions – What Do I Do?

No problem! I am happy to incorporate individual headshots for you and your family members during your family portrait session – it is a fantastic way to make use of our time together while you are all dressed up. When you book your session, just let me know you want to get in a few pics for your headshot. If your family portrait session is not the right time to get your individual portrait images because you have other outfits you want to use, we can setup another time for a quick 15-minute session. One of the things I started offering last summer was a shorter, budget friendly option for those in need of professional headshots. The economic situation has been tough on all of us and I want to do my part to help you get the job you deserve with an amazing headshot.

Taylor Skule

Do You Also Offer High School Senior Portraits?

Yes!! I love sessions for the high school seniors – in many cases it is the very first time they are getting their individual portraits done other than just taking selfies on a cell phone or school photos. Senior portraits are a great way to memorialize a major time of change in the young adult’s life – the culmination of one book of their life while also being the commencement of the next book in their life. The photos from the senior portrait session make for great gifts for grandparents when printed and framed, as well as giving the Senior a professional image they can use when seeking work.


What Should I Wear?

I have a blog post already on this topic – but for a professional headshot it may be a bit different. Come to your session dressed in an outfit that is appropriate for your profession or the profession you are trying to enter. Wear something that is comfortable and temperature appropriate – if you are uncomfortable, it will show in your photos. Wear colors you like, and feel are flattering on you – I typically recommend a solid, medium to dark color for your top – if you do select a pattern, keep it simple. Try using complimentary colors in your outfit accessories to help add a pop of color without being overpowering or distracting.


Can I Change Outfits During the Photo Session?

Absolutely! During a one-hour session I recommend no more than three total outfits – which means you will be changing outfits twice during the session. Try keeping the outfit changes as simple as possible – for instance, bring two different blazers and ties but keep the same shirt and pants on or bring a sweater or scarf to put over your shirt to change the look just slightly – accessories are your best friend here! Also keep in mind the location of your session – if we are in an outdoor park there might not be an area for a full outfit change, so the simpler the change, the better.

The De La O Family

How Far in Advance Should I Book My Portrait Session?

I recommend scheduling your portrait session at least a month in advance – longer if during the Fall. But with these shorter, budget friendly professional headshot sessions, I can usually fit you in last minute, so long as the photo location is close by.

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The De La O Family


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