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Maternity Portraits at Sunset

The Bala Family

The golden hour just before sunset is such a magical and beautiful time but this couple took center stage to outshine the sunset with their love and beauty. I smile every time I see this image.

The Bala Family

Peaceful Moment Between Mom and Baby

Many of the images created during a maternity portrait session often include the expecting mother with her partner and family – but I like to take some of the session time to capture these peaceful moments between mom and her baby while they are still bonded together as one. There is nothing more precious and beautiful than the look on an expecting mother’s face while she is enjoying a moment with her baby.

The Bala Family

Don’t Forget About the Fur Babies

Even if I don’t have any of my own, I am a HUGE pet lover and I absolutely love when my clients bring their four-legged family members to their photo sessions. The family fur babies are just as much a part of the family as everyone else, so please include them – I have many photo locations that I can recommend that are perfect for bringing the pets along for their closeups.

The Bala Family

Isn’t She Just Stunning?

I just love it when everything comes together in a photo session to create the perfect image for the client – the lighting, the background, the outfit, the mood, the client’s position and expression. This client had many of these moments in her maternity session, this image was one of my favorites – she looks so peaceful and the rest of the photo components came together to convey that same peacefulness.

The Bala Family

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