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Making Family Portraits Fun

The Johnson Family

Have you really wanted to get a nice set of family portraits done but had such a bad experience in the past that you just keep putting it off? I’m here to tell you that getting your family portraits done should be a fun and enjoyable experience – and yes, even with young children. Just look at how much fun this family had during their family portrait session in the Fall of 2020 – it doesn’t have to be a stuffy, uncomfortable, overly posed event. In fact, I prefer these candid moments so much more than any posed image because it shows the true nature of the family and helps to capture the special memories and stories of these laughs in a photograph that can be treasured for generations.

The Johnson Family

Okay, No Smiling or Laughing!

Want a tip from this young brother and sister for getting young kids to smile for their photos?? Take a handful of photos while asking them to smile – then, quickly tell them “okay, no smiling or laughing aloud! I’m serious, no smiles!”. Chances are you will get maybe one or two seconds where they try ridiculously hard not to smile or laugh, then they can no longer contain it and the laughter comes out in huge belly giggles making for some of the best photos!

The Johnson Family

Look at the Grasshopper

When I am photographing a young family like this one, I like to take some time during the session to stroll around the park and see what fun and interesting things we can find in nature. Odds are I can find something cool to capture the attention of the children – in this case a grasshopper – that will completely change their disposition from the goofy laughs to more of a quiet, inquisitive manner. This change in their mood typically creates a genuinely charming moment between siblings that the parents will fall in love with.

The Johnson Family

Hugs for Everyone

Children are only this little for so long. Make sure you take the time each year to capture these big hugs and huge smiles with a professional photography session. I am based in Loudoun County, VA and am available for nature portrait photography sessions in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and parts of Pennsylvania.

Interested in booking your own nature photography adventure for your family? Get in touch to discuss the details.


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