Fully Booked for Fall 2021 and Closed for Winter 2021/22. 

Will begin accepting bookings for Spring 2022 April 1, 2022.

Fill out the Photo Session Inquiry Form to get on the list for pre-booking for Spring 2022.  Please note, that since I will be closed December 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022, any inquiries received during this time will not receive a response until April 1, 2022.

Dog Days

The Huggett Family

One thing I so enjoy about conducting my photography sessions in an outdoor setting is being able to include all the dogs, and this couple made sure to bring all their four-legged fur babies to their family session. Dog days like this are some of my favorite – I not only get to combine two of my passions, nature and photography, but I also get to play with adorable dogs. What made this session extra special was learning about each of the three dogs and their rescue/adoption stories. I do volunteer work for a local dog rescue, Operation Paws For Homes, and it is so heartwarming to meet these rescued pups in person.

The Huggett Family

Gazing Into Each Other’s Eyes

Some of my favorite images are the unposed, candid moments; however, there is something to be said for watching the true love radiate off a couple when they gaze into each other’s eyes in this forehead-to-forehead pose. The other thing I really like about this pose is I can usually capture some great laughs since there is usually a lot of joking and giggling happening when a couple first gets into this pose.

The Huggett Family

Showcasing Your Beauty

Even if you schedule a family portrait session, I will likely take some time to get individual portraits of each of you, ones that showcase your beauty. One thing I have found with doing nature portrait photography is that so many people do not have recent, professional images of themselves. Sure, we all have a lot of selfies, but that is not the same as getting your photo taken by a professional. And trust me, your family wants these photos of you.

The Huggett Family

Blankets as Props

There are so many unique ways to incorporate various props in your photography session. I encourage all my clients to bring meaningful props that we can incorporate into their images – it is just one more way to create images that are unique to just you and your family, no cookie cutter images here. For some, that means a lace scarf their aunt made for them or a piece of jewelry that has been handed down in the family. Blankets make great props – they can be used like this to wrap a happy, laughing couple in or laid out on the ground to get some interesting ground images.

The Huggett Family

Interested in booking your own nature photography adventure for you and your fur-baby family? Get in touch to discuss the details.


Post them below or feel free to email me any time. 


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